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5 ANIMATED WEREWOLF MOVIES to watch for halloween! 0

5 ANIMATED WEREWOLF MOVIES to watch for halloween!

  1.  Big Top Scooby Doo – There’s a werewolf at the circus causing havoc and mischief – and it’s Scooby to the rescue! Will Shaggy or Scooby become a werewolf or will they escape his claws!? 2. Wallace & Grommit The...

werewolf movies 2012 6

Werewolf Movies in 2012

There are a number of werewolf movies lined up for release in 2012.  Here’s a look at the new movies we can hope to see in theaters this year!! 1.  Dances With Werewolves – A movie about confederate prisoners of war escape...

Dylan Dog Dead of Night Werewolf 4

Dylan Dog Dead of Night fights werewolves

A new werewolf / vampire movie is coming out in theaters tomorrow!  The movie is called Dylan Dog:  Dead of Night and is about a detective (Dylan Dog) who investigates paranormal cases.  Now usually, when someone says paranormal, they’re referring to ghosts...

werewolf movie 12

What werewolf movie are you talking about

How come whenever there is a movie in it that includes both werewolves and vampires, the movie is automatically dubbed a “vampire” movie? Take for example Twilight – the other day I tried to refer to it as a werewolf movie, and...

American Werewolf in London Remake 37

American Werewolf in London Remake

Word is out that the movie American Werewolf in London is definitely going to be remade.  No ifs, ands, or buts – an AWIL remake is on the way!  This is good and bad.  Good because of course, any movie that is...

Lycan Colony 0

Lycan Colony

Lycan Colony movie “When the moon rises over Canisborough, New Hampshire…Some townpeople can’t be held accountable for their actions.” LYCAN COLONYRob Roy | MySpace Video