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What to call a real werewolf 186

What to call a real werewolf

I read a recent comment that said that if you call yourself a werewolf you’re probably not a real werewolf…the commenter said that real werewolves prefer to be called lycans or lycanthropes. This is simply not true. Personal Preference Some humans in...

vampire name generator 395

Vampire Name Generator

For the vampires that visit: The vampire name generator. Transform your name for a vampire name. Generate vampire names with the vampire name generator. Your Vampire name will depend on your real name! Enter your name and find you vampire name   First...

werewolf name generator 603

werewolf name generator

Generate your werewolf name! Choosing what to call yourself in your new state can be frustrating! If you’re trying to pick one yourself, check out this werewolf name generator for a suggestion on what you should be called. What’s your werewolf name?...