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New to the pack! 619

New to the pack!

Hi Everyone! I’m Cooper and I am the official ilovewerewolves guest blogger. Just thought I’d throw out a few questions for everyone reading – Last night wasn’t even a full moon and I saw one of my fellow, local werewolves change shape....

Apples new ipod- again 0

Apples new ipod- again

If you haven’t had a chance to buy an Apple ipod at this point don’t do it yet! Hold off just a littlet bit more because Apple will soon announce the new line of ipods around September 5th, 2007. Here is a...

American Pie Presents Beta House 2

American Pie Presents Beta House

There are rumors that a new “American Pie” film is set to be released maybe in ’08. The newest title will be American Pie presents Beta House. Now, there is no reason to create buzz for a movie that will go straight...