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black dog superstitions 10

Black Dog Superstitions

The Black Dog is a creature that has consistently – for centuries – shown up time and time again in the legends and folklore of Europe; it often appears as an apparition or ghost and signifies that Death is nearby. How To...

Do vampires ever sleep? 12

Do vampires ever sleep?

Vampires are known as creatures that haunt the night.  Many legends say that they must avoid sunlight, and so use the darkness of night to be most active and hunt for their victims.  Traditional stories say that when daylight comes humans are...

Orionid Meteor shower tonight 0

Orionid Meteor shower tonight

If you’re up late tonight, you’ll want to check out the Orionid meteor shower that will be happening tonight – best viewing time is between 1am and dawn. The meteor shower is created by debris from Halley’s Comet, and you can see...