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Werepire / Werepyre 239

Werepire / Werepyre

A werepire is a cross between a werewolf and a vampire. Alternate spelling includes werepyre. You might also hear a werewolf-vampire hybrid referred to as a werevamp. Either reference – werepire or werevamp – is acceptable. (Also see: Half Werewolf) The senses...

Can werewolves find vampires by smell? 5

Can werewolves find vampires by smell?

Yes, they can. In fact it is very easy for werewolves to find vampires, it’s theor strong odor that gives them away. To a human, a vampire will typically smell more pleasant than normal. This attracts the human to the vampire subconsciously....

werewolf bloody nose 1

werewolf bloody nose

An upcoming transformation will bring out several things in the weighted one, one of which is not a bloody nose. If there are humans searching for symptoms that you may think are werewolf symptoms  the bloody nose is not one. A bloody...