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What is the fear of vampires called? Sanguivoriphobia!

Are you afraid of vampires?  If you are, then you have a phobia called Sanguivoriphobia. Sanguivoriphobia is the “fear of blood-eaters”.  This fear manifests itself in humans that are afraid of vampires!  The fear includes both people that believe vampires are real...

Lupophobia – the fear of wolves phobia 3

Lupophobia – the fear of wolves phobia

If you are afraid of wolves, what is the fear called? Although you won’t find it in the traditional dictionary, there is an unofficial name for the phobia (severe anxiety or fear) of wolves that many people have – it is called...

unlucky number thirteen & triskaidekophobia 13

unlucky number thirteen & triskaidekophobia

Should you as a werewolf, human, or vampire fear the number thirteen?  Well, in many cultures, regardless of race or species,  the number thirteen is considered unlucky – and has been considered unlucky since ancient mesopotamia – superstitions about this number are...