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wolf population by country 5

Gray Wolf population totals around the world

While werewolves live in every corner of the globe, it’s interesting to note that wolves are quite different. Wolf populations – particularly the mighty grey wolf, flourish in some areas, and falter in others. Hunting, eradication by locals, and diseases all can...

total number of werewolves 3

Total number of werewolves that exist

It has always been difficult to get an exact idea of the total number of werewolves that exist. Werewolves do not want to be identified for a variety of (very legitimate) reasons.  What is known however is that the actual number of...

werewolf census 9

Be counted in the werewolf population census here!

Every ten years many countries have population counts (or censuses) to determine how many human there are in their country.  A ten year population count is called a decennial census.  There has never been a formal census count of werewolves conducted –...