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Using spirituality 13

Using spirituality

Many werewolves have found that spirituality has helped them on their path of self-discovery as werewolves.  Now, I know the word “spirituality” can sometimes be a sensitive thing to say as many have the common misconception that spirituality is and must involve...

Werewolves, vampires, religion 56

Werewolves, vampires, religion

Werewolf 967 – This is a very interesting point, because the other creature that werewolves are so much associated with – vampires – are very much susceptible to religon (I’m no vampire expert, so this may or may not be true with...

werewolf, rosary, religion 8

werewolf, rosary, religion

As religious as they may be, as powerful as the prayer beads may seem, the rosary  (religious prayer beads) cannot harm a werewolf. The rosary is in fact a powerful tool for communicating religion, but is not the correct tool for “slowing” or “stopping”...