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Keeping Secrets 7

Keeping Secrets

Keeping secrets is something that every werewolf must learn in order to survive.  You may be able to share your secret with some humans, but for the most part, your secret will stay hidden. While keeping secrets can be difficult, there are...

werewolves imprinting? 19

werewolves imprinting?

Werewolf 967 talked about werewolves falling in love. One common question recently regarding this is do werewolves imprint? Imprinting in werewolves is not a true phenomenon. This is werewolf fiction. The term “imprinting” and its relationship to werewolves became very popular with...

A simple secret 24

A simple secret

I failed to mention my friend, Daumier. My friends name is, was, Daumier. He shared with me a secret, a secret that he had not told anybody before. He knew of this secret long before he chose to tell me; it was...