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Vampire grave site digger 5

Authorities confirmed Peter Plogojowitz as a vampire

Peter Plogojowitz is perhaps one of the most famous vampires in history – famous in particular because the case was witnessed and documented by an official of the Austrian administration, and later reported by a Viennese newspaper – the Wienerisches Diariu. The...

Big Foot of the Bush – The Yowie 54

Big Foot of the Bush – The Yowie

Australia has a creature that walks upright, is tall and powerful, covered in fur, and is the reported cause of various animal deaths. The creature sounds much like the sasquatch (aka yeti or bigfoot) for a reason – it is thought to...

Highgate Vampire – Real Sightings 2

Highgate Vampire – Real Sightings

One of the more well-known of modern-day vampire sightings is that of a vampire which supposedly haunted the Highgate Cemetery in London and became dubbed the “Highgate Vampire“.  Stories of the Highgate vampire date back to the 1960s.  There are various reported...

if you do not believe in werewolves 692

if you do not believe in werewolves

People that do not believe in werewolves are always so vocal and so against werewolves existing, but are they ever able to show any type of real physical proof that they do not exist?  If you can’t show proof that they do...

Man-Eating Wolves in India 38

Man-Eating Wolves in India

In 1996 in Banbirpur, India (in the state of Uttar Pradesh) there was a rash of sightings of a pack of huge wolves attacking a local village.  The story was reported in newspapers at the time as “Man-Eating Wolves” attack small village...

New Werewolves – werewolf evolution 23

New Werewolves – werewolf evolution

The werewolves that are being depicted in modern media is what many would call “new werewolves“. They are not the werewolves of yesterday with hair all over their bodies and an uncontrollable urge to attack people. The new werewolves are werewolves that...



Where have werewolves been spotted? Have there been any in your area? Check out the map for info on werewolf sightings around the world. View Werewolf Sightings in a larger map

Fact or Faked: Hellhound 6

Fact or Faked: Hellhound

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Werewolves? Not yet! Fact or Faked is a show on Syfy channel that investigates the paranormal. A recent episode of Fact or Faked titled Predator/Red Sky at Night took the investigative crew on a mission to investigate...

Werewolf Hunter in Washington 57

Werewolf Hunter in Washington

Earlier this week a man on Bainbridge Island – which is located near Seattle, Washington – was found waving a sword and claiming to be a werewolf hunter. The man was outside of the parking lot of a ProBuild hardware store.  He...

Aswang Philippines Werewolf? 22

Aswang Philippines Werewolf?

In the Philippines, a legendary creature similar to the werewolf is said to inhabit the country. The creature, called the “Aswang“, is not so much a werewolf, as a vampire-werewolf crossbreed. Some of the commonalities it has with the werewolf, include it’s...