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what are werewolves 6

what are werewolves

Every day werewolves live with who they are, but do humans really know what are werewolves? What legends say werewolves are… By most traditional accounts cited in myths and legends, werewolves are what are described as humans that have the ability to...

Navajo SkinWalker 10

Navajo SkinWalker

Native Americans believe in werewolves. The Navajo (Native Americans of the Southwestern United States) have a term for werewolves (or what they call skinwalkers) – the Yenaldlooshi (more commonly however, the Navajo werewolf goes by the term Skinwalker).  The Navajo word Yenaldlooshi...

How Werewolves Move 22

How Werewolves Move

Despite their weight, and size, werewolves are not the clumsy awkward creatures that humans might expect, but are surprisingly graceful. They are swift, steady, and sure in how they move, and often act with extreme speed. How werewolves move – unlike any...

are werewolves faster than vampires? 166

are werewolves faster than vampires?

Werewolves. Vampires. Answer this question: Who is faster?   The Werewolf or Vampire? Is a Werewolf faster than a vampire? or Is a Vampire faster than a Werewolf? (Find out how werewolves move) Answer who you think is faster, who has the...

Werewolf speed drawing picture 5

Werewolf speed drawing picture

This is an even better speed drawing video of a werewolf than the last one I posted. Pretty cool to see how the pictures is drawn, now if only I could draw one so nicely and quickly! Werewolf speed drawing picture.

deer in the headlights, a werewolf’s meal 1

deer in the headlights, a werewolf’s meal

It happens, a werewolf who is hunting and finds a deer, it’s terrible. The fear that passes by and runs through the deer down it’s spine pumping its heart to the edge of collapse, only instincts can tell the deer to do...