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vampire spider 0

Vampire Spiders love to drink Human Blood!!

The Vampire Spider. Merely saying the name is enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine. Could a creature like this actually exist? Do you have to be careful of every spider you pass and fearful it might suck your blood like...

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More people are afraid of this than of werewolves!

What causes your fear? Although werewolves have claws, fangs, and strength…many humans are more afraid of the tiniest of creatures than of werewolves. The creature I’m referring to? The spider! It is an irrational fear, as many spiders are not poisonous and...

Wolf Spider 3

Wolf Spider

What is very hairy, is brown or grey, has excellent eyesight, chases it’s prey, and is a solitary creature? Oh yeah…and is also about 2 inches long?  A wolf spider. If you thought land wolves were the only predator wolves out there,...