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transform me 470

transform me

Believe what you see right? That’s what I thought. If i never see one how can I believe it? But I really wanted to believe that the p-shift was possible, and deep in my heart I knew that I would be able...

Anubis 7

Werewolves of the past?

Why are werewolves usually associated with evil, or blood, or horror? Why would people suspect that an animal that might look like a dog or human dog be so evil and how did he get this reputation? To get some insight into...

Werewolf stories 26

Werewolf stories

Learn about werewolves and read werewolf stories in our werewolf books section where you can read werewolf books and online!

vampire love 38

vampire love

Yes, werewolves and vampires can fall in love. While it is possible, it is not very likely to happen. Because there are no rules to love, and because both vampires and werewolves take human form, there are many reasons why love between...

are Vampires real? 93

are Vampires real?

What if evidence was discovered that proved that Vampires really did exist? Would the world finally realize that humans are not the only creatures on earth, that there were and are other forms of humans living among the humans that we are...

History of the werewolf 13

History of the werewolf

Thought I’d just share some werewolf history and info on what I’ve found on how far back you can find references to werewolves. A 1978 book by Ian Woodward called THE WEREWOLF DELUSION: A fully documented, thoroughly researched investigation into the world of...