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survive a zombie apocalypse 0

Best Place to Survive during a Zombie Apocalypse

It’s not just hypothetical anymore….researchers have conducted a real study to analyze where the safest place to go would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Now, for those of you who don’t know, a zombie apocalypse is what it is...

Wolves Becoming Human 8

Wolves Becoming Human

Werewolves as we all know are humans that transform. But what if you had the reverse situation? A wolf that transformed into a human? What would such a creature be called? Would that type of creature be able to survive in the...

right direction 4

right direction

Werewolves: if you do not feel that you have the wisdom or knowledge to deal with everything it is to be a werewolf, how do you survive? Is it OK to make mistakes? Werewolf 967 has the answer: by making a mistake...