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Werewolf fiction – cannibalism 6

Werewolf fiction – cannibalism

A recent rumor I read that I’d like to dispel is that werewolves do not perform cannibalism. In other words, werewolves do not eat other werewolves. I’m not sure where this piece of werewolf fiction came from, but it is not true....

Los Lobos 17

Los Lobos

Los Lobos – translation: The Wolves. Los Lobos is a werewolf pack whose territory lies in the Southern part of California. This werewolf pack is one of the most well-known in that part of the country, in part because of its size...

werewolf territory 10

werewolf territory

What  happens if another werewolf enters your territory? Do you defend it? Do you ask questions? Do you invite the intruder in? Werewolves are territorial. Is there an instinct that tells the werewolf who is a threat and who is not a...