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werewolf of london 2

werewolf of london

What is the fascination with the werewolves and London? It seems to me that there is an abundance of werewolf of London related titles ranging from songs to movies. The beginning 1935? The original Werewolf of London was actually a movie filmed...

Wolfman Movie Criticism 20

Wolfman Movie Criticism

In response to Werewolf967’s wolfman movie review, I’d like to say he does make some good points, however I think he is being overly harsh on the Wolfman. In fact, my review of wolfman is the exact opposite! I urge you to...

werewolf action figure 1

werewolf action figure

This is an edition of the werewolf action figure released for the movie The Wolfman. Although the toy does not bend at the knees his legs do move, along with the arms, wrists, and head. His accessories includes a cane that might...