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3 things all werewolves should remember 27

3 things all werewolves should remember

1.  Views of lycanthropy change over time. Today werewolves might be celebrated, but tomorrow they might be crucified.  Never take for granted the momentary and fleeting nature of being in good graces.  A few hundred years ago werewolves were synonymous with evil. ...

werewolf journal 5

werewolf journal

Many werewolves find it hard to express their feelings to others. Part of this stems from that they have to keep a big secret hidden from many people in their lives. Suppressing their/your feeling from humans and not being able to share...

Blog Upgrades 83

Blog Upgrades

Hi Everyone, we are undergoing some upgrades to I Love Werewolves, and will be doing work on it all day today.  You may already have noticed things looking funny,  that’s why!  We’ll try to keep it up as much as possible. Sorry...