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Wolves Becoming Human 8

Wolves Becoming Human

Werewolves as we all know are humans that transform. But what if you had the reverse situation? A wolf that transformed into a human? What would such a creature be called? Would that type of creature be able to survive in the...

werewolves music 15

werewolves music

Does music effect werewolves?  Many werewolves have reported that when they are trying to learn to manually transform, listening to music helps the process.  It is a means by which they are able to focus their thoughts and energies on one constant...

full moon nasa 3

October Full Moon

Tomorrow is the October full moon!  Werewolves will feel the moon’s influence most strongly tomorrow.  Although the full moon is not required for a werewolf to transform, it does have an influence and impact on the werewolf – just like it does...

Tips for new Shapeshifters 29

Tips for new Shapeshifters

Relaxation One of the main things to remember for new shapeshifters about to do their first transformation is to relax. Especially if it is an involuntary transformation many things that are potentially unpleasant will start to happen. You must breathe deeply, focus...

Signs you’re turning into a werewolf 865

Signs you’re turning into a werewolf

The question came up recently on what are the signs you’re turning into a werewolf, and although we’ve talked about it before, I thought I would address some of them again. Involuntary transformation warning signs (if you’re about to turn and you...

Do werewolves have tails? 35

Do werewolves have tails?

You can find pictures (and movies) of werewolves both ways, with and without, and it is much debated which is true. Many modern movies will show werewolves with tails, I think one of the reasons for this is that it is something...

Fringe Transformation 2

Fringe Transformation

Tonight the show Fringe was about a couple of people that were infected by a virus that caused them to transform….the monster that they transformed into didn’t look like a werewolf, but the idea seems very similar.

Looking for Werewolves?  Full Moon Tonight! 468

Looking for Werewolves? Full Moon Tonight!

Tonight is the third to last full moon of the year.  For those of you interested in finding a werewolf, tonight is the night to get out there and look! Newer werewolves who do not yet have the ability to transform usually...

the size and shape of a werewolf 3

the size and shape of a werewolf

The size and shape of the werewolf will mostly depend on the human who is transforming. The size of the human will generally be the size that the werewolf will turn out to be. For example, a large person will generally be...

When the werewolf transforms and howl at the moon – fact or fiction? 68

When the werewolf transforms and howl at the moon – fact or fiction?

So there is a comment that says werewolves do transform upon will. It seems that some werewolves can meditate in a way that will have strict control over th “evil beast” inside. The meditation theory is very interesting one I had not...