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female werewolf tranformation 3

female werewolf tranformation

When werewolf transformations are talked about or depicted, it’s almost always a male that transforms – you hardly ever hear about or see the female werewolf transformation. Part of it is because generally humans associate werewolves mainly with the male gender –...

Teen Wolf Transformation Scene 0

Teen Wolf Transformation Scene

Sometimes, you just have one of these days…. 🙂 (Clip from Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox where Scott Howard discovers for the first time that he is a werewolf – even worse that that, he discovers that his father is a...

Female Werewolf Transformations 8

Female Werewolf Transformations

It’s hard to make a really good werewolf transformation – and doing one for  female werewolf transformations is even harder. Finding the balance between the human and wolf aspects of a girl is hard to do, so many movie or TV directors...