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Tips for new Shapeshifters 29

Tips for new Shapeshifters

Relaxation One of the main things to remember for new shapeshifters about to do their first transformation is to relax. Especially if it is an involuntary transformation many things that are potentially unpleasant will start to happen. You must breathe deeply, focus...

Predators of the werewolf 6

Predators of the werewolf

Do werewolves have any natural predators?  No.  There are no living organisms that hunt the werewolf – even the most predatorial of animals – bears, wolves, lions, tigers – all of these creatures stay clear of areas in which they catch a...

curse 144


To accept the curse or not. One of the first dilemmas many werewolves face is deciding if they want “the curse” or don’t want “the curse“. I’d like to point out that many who have accepted what they are, do not view...

werewolf bloody nose 1

werewolf bloody nose

An upcoming transformation will bring out several things in the weighted one, one of which is not a bloody nose. If there are humans searching for symptoms that you may think are werewolf symptoms  the bloody nose is not one. A bloody...

Hallucinations during transformation 11

Hallucinations during transformation

Werewolf 967 makes a good point about werewolf hallucinations and transformations. The transformation sequence can be painful at first, and the mind reacts by trying to protect itself with hallucinations (a hallucination of course is the perception of something – be it...

Fringe Transformation 2

Fringe Transformation

Tonight the show Fringe was about a couple of people that were infected by a virus that caused them to transform….the monster that they transformed into didn’t look like a werewolf, but the idea seems very similar.

werewolves envy humans 194

werewolves envy humans

If the werewolf takes complete control of your body, your mind, and your soul, all human will be lost and you too will be lost.

the werewolf and its environment 11

the werewolf and its environment

Once the transformation of the werewolf is complete, the bone structure has changed, the body mass has adjusted, and many other vital changes have taken place, the werewolf is now different. One of the details often forgotten about is how the animal...

pain but not during transformation 14

pain but not during transformation

It is true that there is pain when transformation occurs or when you get close, the mind and body will become weak. The mind was not made for the type of stress it will be under while a change begins to take...