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Why there are more vampires on TV than werewolves 1

Why there are more vampires on TV than werewolves

Chances are that when a new TV show premieres and it is meant to have creatures that are not human – the creature of choice will be the vampire – not the werewolf! Why have werewolves been pushed aside in favor of...

werewolves on tv sitcoms 0

Did you know these TV characters were werewolves?

Going back to 1964, werewolves have been popping up time and time again in TV shows. Can you name some of them? Probably the most obvious, however here are some of the more interesting ones. Some of these TV characters you probably...

werewolf spotted in the radio shack superbowl commercial! 3

werewolf spotted in the radio shack superbowl commercial!

Yes, a werewolf made a brief appearance Sunday night in the middle of the Superbowl in surprising of all places – a Radio Shack commercial! Radio Shack’s Superbowl commercial was an 80s themed mish-mash of characters…..and one of them was none other...

Bunnicula The Vampire Rabbit 0

Bunnicula The Vampire Rabbit

Time for a cartoon break! Straight from the ’80s, here’s Bunnicula, the Vampire Rabbit. Bunnicula was a children’s book series about a vampire bunny that drains juice from vegetables. 🙂 Enjoy!

6 Werewolf Commercials 0

6 Werewolf Commercials

I guess TV Advertisers believe that vampires are either more popular – or possibly more comedic than werewolves – because there seem to be more vampire commercials that have been made. There are however still quite a few funny werewolf commercials out...

6 vampire commercials 3

6 vampire commercials

Yes, there are vampire movies, vampire tv shows, and vampire books. But there are also vampire commercials! Surprisingly more than you would think. Here is a sample…some are actually pretty entertaining! 🙂 Commercial for Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Fruit Bar starring a family...

Sesame Street Vampire! 10

Sesame Street Vampire!

Did you realize that you probably grew up having a vampire teach you things – more specifically how to count? Yes, you have to remember your favorite vampire from Sesame Street! The Count! (Why aren’t there any werewolves on Sesame Street?) 5...

The Howling Man 4

The Howling Man

Those that howl are not always werewolves!  But sometimes you might just wish that they were.  The Twilight Zone episode The Howling Man illustrates this point. The Howling Man is about a man that hears howling.  When he goes to try to...

Community werewolf in Abeds film 5

Community werewolf in Abeds film

Originally published on: Nov 13, 2009 How many TV shows do you find a guest appearance by a werewolf? The new -ish TV show Community that runs on NBC on Thursday’s featured a werewolf in the episode for this week titled “Debate.” The...

Being Human / Being werewolf 165

Being Human / Being werewolf

I agree with what werewolf967 says about werewolf tv – there’s not alot out there so when you find a good one, you’ve got to watch!, and this one – Being Human – actually looks pretty interesting! I’m not crazy about the...