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Archaeologists uncover Gateway to the Underworld! 5

Archaeologists uncover Gateway to the Underworld!

A Gateway to the Underworld has been discovered! There are still remarkable discoveries awaiting to be discovered in the world! The most recent one is a marvel to the world – and a remarkable find for archaeologists. It is the infamous “Pluto’s...

werewolf kissing scenes 2

werewolf kissing scenes

Here are some kissing scenes from movies (and a TV series) featuring werewolves.  Usually when they have kissing scenes with werewolves in movies and shows it’s when the characters are in human form, and in the clips below that is indeed the...

blade vs selene 3

Blade VS Selene

In a battle of Blade Vs. Selene, who would win?? Blade Selene Gender: Man Gender: Woman Species: Half Vampire / Half Mortal Species: Vampire Occupation: Vampire Slayer Occupation: Former Death Dealer BLADE may seem the clear winner In a fight between BLADE...

underworld 2

Underworld series: timeline

Few vampire and werewolf fans do not know of the Underworld series of movies.  Whether or not you like their portrayal, or don’t like their portrayal of vampires and werewolves, there’s no question that the movies helped popularize lycans for a whole...

werewolf movie 12

What werewolf movie are you talking about

How come whenever there is a movie in it that includes both werewolves and vampires, the movie is automatically dubbed a “vampire” movie? Take for example Twilight – the other day I tried to refer to it as a werewolf movie, and...

Werewolf Movies In October 6

Werewolf Movies In October

Get the popcorn ready! Syfy (the Sci-Fi channel) is about to have a whole slew of movies about werewolves!  On October 9 and October 30 as part of their 31 days of halloween movies, they’ll be showing a bunch of werewolf movies...

Underworld 1


The Underwolrd  is the popular 2003 Werewolf VS Vampire movie. Underworld stars Kate Beckinsale as “Selene,” a vampire who is in charge of hunting the Lycans.

Werewolves servants to vampires? 1,610

Werewolves servants to vampires?

No! I want to clear up one misconception I’ve read on the web – and this probably stems in part from the last Underworld movie (Rise of the Lycans) and various fiction novels – werewolves are not and never have been servants...