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Harvard offers class on Vampires 7

Harvard offers class on Vampires

So besides being able to take zombie classes in college, you can also take vampire classes in college!  There are so many different options recently to choose from that it is kind of overwhelming….it seems tons of colleges and universities are jumping...

Do vampires ever sleep? 12

Do vampires ever sleep?

Vampires are known as creatures that haunt the night.  Many legends say that they must avoid sunlight, and so use the darkness of night to be most active and hunt for their victims.  Traditional stories say that when daylight comes humans are...

Printable Werewolf Mask 141


Also known as nosferatu or blood-suckers, vampires are supernatural gothic beings that suck the blood from living creatures. Vampires are commonly referred to as “the undead” because they are said to be real reanimated corpses – not alive, but not yet dead....