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How to make Wearable Origami Vampire Fangs

Here are two sets of instructions – one tells you how to make wearable origami vampire fangs, the other is a step-by-step on making origami vampire fangs in general (that are not wearable). VERSION#1….HOW TO MAKE NON-WEARABLE FANGS…. The non-wearable fangs are...

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werewolf costume ideas

If you’re trying to get your halloween werewolf costume together, here are some ideas: 1. Werewolf Hair – if you’re wanting to dress up as the sterotypical “hollywood” werewolf, then this will include alot of hair! You can buy “theatrical” hair from...

Complete vampire costume with tutorials 1

Complete vampire costume with tutorials

As it gets closer to Halloween more and more people will be trying to gather ideas for homemade costumes. Vampires are one of the easiest Halloween costumes to find ideas for! Just by doing a quick search on the internet you will...