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Authorities confirmed Peter Plogojowitz as a vampire

Peter Plogojowitz is perhaps one of the most famous vampires in history – famous in particular because the case was witnessed and documented by an official of the Austrian administration, and later reported by a Viennese newspaper – the Wienerisches Diariu. The...

Vampire Reflection 6

Do vampires have a reflection in the mirror?

Not all legends and myths agree on the question of if vampires have a mirror reflection – you will find arguments on both sides of the question. Many of the more traditional legends however do claim that vampires in fact do not...

Do werewolves smell Vampires? 5

Werewolves can sense the presence of a Vampire

A werewolf’s nose is much like a wolf’s nose – generally a wolf can smell prey and other scents that are miles away. But do werewolves actually smell vampires or do they simply sense their presence? The werewolf, more often than not,...

Are Vampires Ugly? 3

Are Vampires Ugly?

It depends on who you ask. The stereotypical Vampire is not considered to be ugly, but is rather good-looking – or at least considered to be fairly easy on the eyes. But things are not always as  clear-cut as they seem. Not...

Blood-Sucking Mermaid: The mamba mutu 70

Blood-Sucking Mermaid: The mamba mutu

In Central Africa, there are legends of a creature called the mamba mutu. Legends say that the creature looks like a half human half fish – very similar to what we know as a mermaid. That is where the similarity however ends,...

Calculating a werewolf’s age 43

Calculating a werewolf’s age

Do werewolves age? Does a werewolf age faster than a human? Do werewolves age slower than other animals? Does a werewolf stop aging like a vampire? The topic of the aging process of a werewolf is controversial, everyone has an opinion on...

name generator 3

name generator

Vampire Name Generator! Enter your name to get a vampire name from the generator! You can use your vamp name as a nickname, handle, Halloween name, pen name, pseudonym, gothic name… be creative! Anybody can use it… male or female… First Name:...

Underworld 1


The Underwolrd  is the popular 2003 Werewolf VS Vampire movie. Underworld stars Kate Beckinsale as “Selene,” a vampire who is in charge of hunting the Lycans.