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Werewolf Community 103

Werewolf Community

Why does a werewolf community even exist? If werewolves are for the most part solitary creatures then why are there communities? And even those werewolves that are not solitary – that are part of a bigger pack – generally are part of...

Werewolves in 2010 14

Werewolves in 2010

Happy New Year to all of you!! Any suggestions for the new year would be great… we really are trying to get more ideas flowing. So far in 2010 we are looking into having you guys make posts (per requests from you...

werewolf elders 60

werewolf elders

You’ll often hear many of the more knowledgeable members of the werewolf community refer to a group of werewolves called the “elders”. The werewolf elders are a group of the most respected and strongest of the werewolves. They generally have been werewolves...