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Lady Gaga will marry a werewolf

It must have been that Meat Dress that Lady Gaga paraded around in in 2010 to the Video Music Awards…either she was purposely trying to attract a werewolf, or it was just a lucky side effect of wearing a dress made entirely...

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There was a Werewolf version of Count Chocula monster breakfast cereal!

Most people are familiar with General Mills line of “monster” breakfast cereals – specifically Count Chocula! Since 1971, the vampire count’s face has emblazoned sugary cereal boxes and beckoned to monster-lovers everywhere. But did you know that General Mills has more than...

Why do werewolves eat live victims? 218

Why do werewolves eat live victims?

This is a question some people have been wondering. Werewolves eat live victims because they enjoy the kill!! Their instinct drives them to go after live animals and people. All you have to do is look at the biology of a werewolf...