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Faoladh and Ossory – Irish werewolf folklore

In ancient Irish folklore, the werewolf is known as faoladh or conroicht.  The faoladh (Irish werewolf) is similar to the werewolf you may be familiar with – it is a man or woman that shapeshifts into a wolf. Unlike North American werewolf...

Navajo SkinWalker 10

Navajo SkinWalker

Native Americans believe in werewolves. The Navajo (Native Americans of the Southwestern United States) have a term for werewolves (or what they call skinwalkers) – the Yenaldlooshi (more commonly however, the Navajo werewolf goes by the term Skinwalker).  The Navajo word Yenaldlooshi...

don’t stop believing 543

don’t stop believing

Is seeing believing? People believe in werewolves and don’t stop believing. Is it because of werewolf sightings that they continue believing? I don’t think so, there are more werewolf myths than there are facts about werewolves, which make werewolves more of a...