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Ski Wolf movie 0

Ski Wolf

This is a werewolf movie called Ski Wolf  Watch the trailer for Ski Wolf!

Wolfen movie 0


Wolfen the werewolf movie You can watch the trailer for the movie below!

Silver Bullet movie 0

Silver Bullet

The werewolf movie Silver Bullet is based a Stephen King novel Watch the trailer for the film below!

Werewolves on Wheels The Devils Advocates 0

Werewolves on Wheels The Devils Advocates

Werewolves on Wheels: The Devil‘s Advocates – an outlaw gang of Harley-riding hellions led by Adam (Stephen Oliver of “Motor Psycho” and “Peyton Place” fame) and his ‘ol lady Helen (D.J. Anderson) – troll the dusty highways of the American Southwest in search...

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Wild Country

The movie Wild Country is about werewolves: “Teenage members of a church youth group find an abandoned baby while on a retreat hike through the Scottish Highlands. As they make their way to deliver the baby to safety, something is watching them...