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Werewolf myths are just as common and as popular as the myths surrounding Vampires. It seems that the more werewolf movies that are made that the more stories and therefore myths develop about the werewolf that might not necessarily be true or...

werewolves imprinting? 19

werewolves imprinting?

Werewolf 967 talked about werewolves falling in love. One common question recently regarding this is do werewolves imprint? Imprinting in werewolves is not a true phenomenon. This is werewolf fiction. The term “imprinting” and its relationship to werewolves became very popular with...

Werewolf myth: Transformation upon meditation 43

Werewolf myth: Transformation upon meditation

It may seem true to many that a werewolf is able to control his “curse” and manipulate it upon will, i.e. meditation; this is false -a myth. A werewolf in human form or in werewolf form is unable to control his transformation...