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Kentucky Werewolf Sighting nicknamed Bearilla

It makes sense that you would find werewolves in the state of Kentucky. The state has plenty of wild game (including deer and turkey) for the werewolf that enjoy a bit of a chase, not to mention Kentucky is particularly well-known for...

Man-Eating Wolves in India 38

Man-Eating Wolves in India

In 1996 in Banbirpur, India (in the state of Uttar Pradesh) there was a rash of sightings of a pack of huge wolves attacking a local village.  The story was reported in newspapers at the time as “Man-Eating Wolves” attack small village...



Where have werewolves been spotted? Have there been any in your area? Check out the map for info on werewolf sightings around the world. View Werewolf Sightings in a larger map

Werewolf Hunter in Washington 57

Werewolf Hunter in Washington

Earlier this week a man on Bainbridge Island – which is located near Seattle, Washington – was found waving a sword and claiming to be a werewolf hunter. The man was outside of the parking lot of a ProBuild hardware store.  He...

American Werewolf 310

American Werewolf

The American Werewolf in the World Among werewolves, the American Werewolf is typically seen as a wilder, more reckless, bolder type of werewolf than those from other countries.  The American Werewolf does not have the reserve or patience of their European or...

Werewolf Sightings in Virginia 138

Werewolf Sightings in Virginia

One location of werewolf sightings is in Henrico County Virginia of a werewolf that has come to be known as the Werewolf of Henrico County. The story of the werewolf of Henrico County has taken on something of urban legend status…it’s hard...

Werewolf Sightings 433

Werewolf Sightings

One of the most notorious places for werewolf sightings is said to be in Cannock Chase which is an area in Central England near Staffordshire.  The area is a wooded country setting with lots of wildlife and hiking and mountain biking paths...