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Harbor Moon werewolf graphic novel 24

Harbor Moon werewolf graphic novel

Harbor Moon: “An action-horror graphic novel….” The graphic novel Harbor Moon brought a little bit of werewolf mayhem when it debuted at the San Deigo Comic-con 2010. The story unfolds in the tiny town of Habor Moon, Maine….a small town, with a...

Bisclavret the Good Werewolf 7

Bisclavret the Good Werewolf

In the late 12th century, a French poet named Marie de France (Mary of France) wrote a famous werewolf story named “Bisclavret” (which is the Breton word for werewolf).  The story is very interesting in that it takes a different stance from...

Lycaon – First Werewolf? 20

Lycaon – First Werewolf?

In Greek mythology, one of the first werewolves that is said to have existed is Lycaon. The tale of Lycaon hints at origins of why being a werewolf is considered a “curse”. As the myths go, Lycaon was a king of Arcadia...

Werewolf stories 26

Werewolf stories

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