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werewolf man 4

werewolf man

The werewolf man can actually refer to a number of different things….what information are you looking for? 1.  Werewolf Man sometimes refers to Wolf Man – Often, when people use the term “werewolf man” it is in reference to the Wolf Man....

running with the wolves 15

running with the wolves

One person who runs with the wolves, who is in a real wolf pack,  is Shaun Ellis. Shaun Ellis who has worked with wolves for over 20 years, is actually a wolf expert and researcher who spends a lot of time being...

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer 3

Original 1956 Werewolf Trailer

Here’s the original trailer for the 1956 picture “Werewolf”. The depiction of the werewolf is old-fashioned and antiquated, showing a man entirely covered in fur…more similar to the Wolf Man than a true werewolf.