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what are werewolves 6

what are werewolves

Every day werewolves live with who they are, but do humans really know what are werewolves? What legends say werewolves are… By most traditional accounts cited in myths and legends, werewolves are what are described as humans that have the ability to...

how to howl 8

how to howl

Learning how to howl is easy – it often comes instinctively to those who try – and really, there is not right or wrong way to do it. Something that is truly felt and meaned, and comes from within is what makes...

Reindeer vs Wolves – Merry Christmas! 1

Reindeer vs Wolves – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope the wolves don’t catch Santa’s reindeer before he visits your house! 🙂 Of course, if you make it through Christmas, there is still the Christmas Goblin to worry about! (Scene from The Flight Before Christmas)

can wolves become werewolves? 12

can wolves become werewolves?

While there is no question that there is some kind of link between wolves and werewolves, the question that link sometimes leads to is,  is it possible for wolves to become werewolves the same way that humans can become werewolves? Humans becoming...

Wolf Dog Hybrid 7

Wolf Dog Hybrid

The wolf dog hybrid is not the same as a weredog. (Find out what a weredog is.)  The wolf dog hybrid, like the werewolf, is however a creature that is misunderstood by most humans and thus feared.  As with any creature that...

Falkland Island Wolf 3

Falkland Island Wolf

Whenever you talk about werewolves, the subject of wolves inevitably comes up. So it’s useful to be knowledgeable about the creature, as I’ve found that one of the first questions humans throw at you is about the wolf. The differences, similarities, history,...

the werewolf image 72

the werewolf image

Not all werewolves are the same, each is part human and each have their own feelings, emotions, and thoughts that they react to. I believe that the issue involving the bad image of werewolves is taken by the humans who have the...

werewolf expert describes werewolves 20

werewolf expert describes werewolves

The werewolf expert in the video claims that in transformed form, the werewolf would look like a “rampaging beast” a “hideous wolf larger than life”. While some of her descriptions of the werewolf are clearly not accurate, she does seem to have...

Snuwolf the Cloned Wolf Dies 36

Snuwolf the Cloned Wolf Dies

A wolf in South Korea named Snuwolf who is reportedly one of the world’s first cloned wolves has died at the age of four. Snuwolf died in her home (a zoo) on Aug. 26. The autopsy results giving the official reason of...

The Girl with the Red Riding Hood 5

The Girl with the Red Riding Hood

The buzz going around is that a “gothic” retelling of the story Little Red Riding Hood is headed underway in the form of a werewolf  movie called “The Girl with the Red Riding Hood” which has a plot that involves a teenage...