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Wolfman Movie Criticism 20

Wolfman Movie Criticism

In response to Werewolf967’s wolfman movie review, I’d like to say he does make some good points, however I think he is being overly harsh on the Wolfman. In fact, my review of wolfman is the exact opposite! I urge you to...

Wolfman Movie Review 4

Wolfman Movie Review

Should you see the Wolfman movie?  Well, there’s been alot of discussion as to whether or not the Wolfman accurately portrays werewolves (the whole evil vs. good dilemma), but after watching it, I’d have to say that no matter which side of...

The Wolfman's teeth examination 4

Wolfman teeth examination

A Closer examination of The Wolfman’s teeth. I want to show you a closer look at how The Wolfman compares to human and actual wolves- through the dental work. What I want to point out is that when comparing the movies werewolf...