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Natural Werewolf Repellant 12

Natural Werewolf Repellant

There are a few plants that grow naturally that are known to ward werewolves away and have been dubbed as a “natural” werewolf repellant. These items irritate some werewolves causing them to become sick. It should be noted however, that like humans,...

wolfsbane 153


Wolfsbane, which is actually in the buttercup family of plants,  is a poisonous perennial herb.  The plant grows in partial shade and has unusual delicate clusters of typically purple or blue hooded flowers which have 2 – 5 petals.  In many legends,...

How to kill a werewolf – methods and materials 171

How to kill a werewolf – methods and materials

How to kill a werewolf 1.  Silver. You’ll see this in almost any movie that you watch about werewolves – werewolf hunters are always in need of the “silver bullet” to kill the werewolf, claiming that that is the only thing that...