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Where have werewolves been spotted? Have there been any in your area? Check out the map for info on werewolf sightings around the world. View Werewolf Sightings in a larger map

Wolf Island 6

Wolf Island

In different parts of the world, there are a few different references to places called “Wolf Island“. Are they home to wolves? Is there a wolf island – werewolf connection?  And is it even possible for a wolf to live on an...

american werewolf 68

american werewolf

Our world in many ways is much the same as being human, but also much different. Most humans living as werewolves (weighted ones) will find themselves torn between the realm of being human and the world of being a weighted one. We...

Werewolf perception of the world 174

Werewolf perception of the world

The perception of the world for a werewolf is different than for that of a human. Once the werewolf is able to deal with everything involved in first transformations, then they must deal with their new enhanced senses. They must also deal...

werewolf curiosity 4

werewolf curiosity

To werewolves this world seems so different, but at the same time it seems to be the same old world, it’s not. Some that lose hope or curiosity of the world turn to the werewolf to revive the pleasures in life we...