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Land of The Lycans Castlevania

If only more video games had werewolves in them!! But there are some that have lycans, for example Castlevania: Lords of Shadow! The video game takes place in a time when darkness rules the world and evil creatures roam free. The main...

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Werewolves in Fable 3 are called Balverines!

In Fable (the XBOX 360 game), there’s a creature called a Balverine.  The Balverine is sometimes referred to as the Fable version of the werewolf.  And they are indeed very similar to werewolves.  Characteristics they have in common with werewolves include that...

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vampire game

Vampire Games available: This is a vampire game list for your PC or games for your console: xbox, playstation, and board games, etc. Xbox: Xbox makes the Buffy the Vampire Slayer games, Vampire Rain, and Castlevania! PC Games: Vampire: Vampire- The Masquerade...