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werewolves age 64

werewolves age

As time goes on, do werewolves appear to grow old? In other words, do they physically age? I have already discussed how long werewolves live…the question now is since we know they have a longer than normal lifespan, what would a werewolf...

werewolves age 44

werewolves age

Werewolves do not focus on the passage of time.  Getting older for a werewolf means gaining focus and some sort of control of the transformations.  Control comes slowly over the course of time, and so aging is not something to be feared,...

Infant Halloween Costume 0

Infant Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming! If you are looking for an infant halloween costume or if you have a toddler you’d like to put in costume for halloween, here are some great costume ideas.  I dont know any infants or toddlers, so I’m not...