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What is a zombie? 17

What is a zombie?

A zombie is a dead body that has been reanimated to give the semblance of life. Typically, zombies are depicted as having some kind of evil purpose – most commonly the purpose is to devour the flesh of live humans. Traditionally they...

myths legends

myths legends

Myths, legends, and folklore of the wolf and werewolf About Legends, about myths… What is a myth? A myth is a story told  and handed down through history that tries to explain natural phenomena’s.  Mythical beings such as mythological gods or goddesses...

Halloween costumes 2

Halloween costumes

So what is a good costume for you this Halloween? Well, there are many choices out there! We do reccomend being a werewolf for your party, but of course you don’t have too since you are already a wolf. So you next...