Teen Wolf Costume for Halloween

How about a teen wolf costume for halloween OR, actually maybe you should just dress like this all year! ha! Let’s get you started with some background info for the young kids out there that might not know – Teen Wolf is a 1985 movie starring Michael J Fox about a kid that finds out he’s a werewolf – he’s ashamed, worried, and horrrified, but then he embraces it! So, this halloween, step 1 is to watch Teen Wolf, so you’re in the right mind set.  Step 2, make a costume at home!

The costume for this is SUPER easy to do a homemade version. All you need is an old high school jacket, a pair of jeans, and a T-shirt. Get some werewolf gloves, or even just some patches of hair to put on top of your hands at the cuff of your jacket and sticking out the top of your shirt .  You could throw in some fangs for an extra effect. Whalla, you’re teen wolf! The teen wolf costume is super easy!



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  1. September 4, 2009

    […] TV is trying to make the werewolf the the new vampire! The most recent news is that a remake of Teen Wolf is in the works for an MTV series. Does everyone remember Teen Wolf? The movie was a comedy […]

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