the human owns werewolf

Though there are sometimes conflicts between humans and werewolves, werewolves and humans, it seems to me, and especially to me (if you read my thoughts here on ILW) that werewolves get a “bad rap.” They are evil animals yes, but no more evil than any human could be to a werewolf if the human found one. What I want to point out is that no matter the battle that exists between humans and werewolves, or the battle between the human living with the curse;  the human must own the curse, he is the curse, he will forever be the curse. The human owns the wolf and will keep it for himself, do not let the curse control you, you must control the curse. This is not to say that one cannot “let the curse be,” this just means that if need be than the human can take back control of the curse.



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  1. sabrefang says:

    ok let me go outside and get it lol go ahead but I am in my friends house and he scares things lol go now

  2. Argentus Lupus says:

    He is very good at what he does:)

  3. lee ann says:

    🙂 I’m not entirely sure what he’s doing but go for it!

  4. sabrefang says:

    aww yes thank you much better I must eat too that will help me lol

  5. Talon Ragnorok says:

    In my opinion humans are more evil then werewolves, we are murderous, greedy, selfish individuals I Know that sounds harsh, but I have been around the world seen more brutality and violence from humans then any werewolf could ever do. Even I have succumb to the temptations of violence more then I would like to admit and being a human I understand and sympathize with any werewolves out there.

  6. Dream Catcher says:

    oh ok….

  7. Lunar says:

    @Talon Ragnorok:
    I can see your point, but not all humans are guilty of that, just a large number of them.

  8. Dream Catcher says:

    Blue cows are here

  9. Humans own each other same thing with werewolves.

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