The Mothman

I just found this really weird aritcle. This is a TRUE story, observed by a number of first-hand eye-witnesses.  I’d just like to point out, if this can be true (a weird moth-man), then those skeptics who do not believe in werewolves may need to reevaluate….

Apparently in 1966 there was a creature that was spotted by people living in West Virginia.  The creature was a greyish brown man-shaped being that had huge wings like a moth, and huge red glowing eyes.  The couple that supposedly first saw him found him accidentally as they were driving by a factory.  The creature chased them for quite a while.  The next day there was another sighting by a family that lived in the same area.  Over the next few days there were a number of other sightings by many different people.  The creature was not caught, and was called “The Mothman” by an Ohio newspaper because of his appearance.  There are a number of explanations for the creature, but noone really knows the truth – reasons include UFOs, or some type of misidentified bird, like a huge owl.  The



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11 Responses

  1. Sabrefang says:

    I actually know about this one if I remember correctly they appear when tragic events happen

  2. Actually, they are often precursures

  3. Sabrefang says:

    hmm interesting I will put that in my notes hehe

  4. Sabrefang says:

    yah I actually know somebody who sees one on every occasion they are probably either some kind of spirit or even a demon but I am not quite sure

  5. I think the original “Mothman” sightings had some basis in truth, but as far as some of the later sightings go, I think there was a bit of mass hysteria involved. There are things out there that we can’t yet explain…the explanation and true origin of the “Mothman” is yet to be determined. Good job keeping these things on the radar.

  6. Elcorin says:

    everything dynamic and very positively


  7. Kitty says:

    I’m not exactly sure if they are the causes of tragic events, or just a warning sign, or whatever. I know they aren’t common, and there isn’t really a logical string between the sightings. They’re just…randomly there, and tragic things happen. Why that area was chosen is a mystery to me!

  8. Rachel Black says:

    For me this is real, as what I’ve seen in Discovery Channel .. The story was very alike .. But in the end of the Story by the eye-witnesses . The Mothman took an old lady .. And ever since that day, they never saw the old lady. They were hiding in a church but tragically the mothman can enter a Holy Place .. I was really afraid after watching it .. At first they defined before you would encounter a mothman approaching . You will feel a change of temperature around your suroundings and it is heat like fire .. I hope nobody would get hurt if the mothman visits any area here in US or in any part of the world ..

    -Good Vibes ! God Bless you all !

  9. night wolf says:

    watched a documentary on this guy a couple days ago….it was “the eyes of the moth man” or somethin like that,it was cool and showed alot more happend. demon?maybe…..spirit? likely…..warning sign? possitivelly so if you or anyone sees it prepare for desaster.

  10. she wolf says:

    Mothman was also said to be the cause of disaster on the bridge. So mothman was now considered to be a sign of badluck.

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