The Mummy: budget costume!

The mummy costume for Halloween is one of the most under rated of all outfits for trick or treating. This is a great costume for trick-or-treaters on a budget!

There are two methods for creating the mummy costume.
1. The first is more involved but looks more professional, it is made by using real strips of fabric from white bed sheets. (Linens would have been used on real Egyptian mummies).
2. The second way to make the outfit is by using toilet paper, which is less expensive but does have some drawbacks.

The first method: The “real fabric” custom mummy costume:

Creating your homemade outfit is fairly easy and straightforward if you know how to use a sewing machine. This is a great time to ask Mom for a favor! You can do all the prep work and deliver the materials to the person that will do the sewing for you, mom! (If you cannot do it yourself).

This homemade method requires that you use old sheets for the mummy wrap. By cutting the old sheets into strips you get the same effect as a real mummy would have had thousands of years ago. You can use old white sheets from around your house, get some at goodwill, or even ask some friends or family for an old set of white sheets.

Real egyptian mummies would, at times, be wrapped in linens donated by the family of the deceased.

If all else fails you can always buy a cheap flat sheet from the store for a moderate price. The basic idea is to cover yourself in the fabric strips to get the mummy look that you want!

If you cannot get your hands on a sewing machine be creative and try to attach the fabric strips another way!

The second method: The Classic toilet paper mummy wrap

This is the best way to make the costume at an affordable price. Most of us know how this method works! You grab some rolls of toilet paper and begin wrapping yourself in it until you get the look of a mummy that you want. Of course, one problem with doing it this way is that the toilet paper is easily ripped and you will probably end up losing alot of your costume. But if you need to make a brief appearance on Halloween night and need a fast costume this is definitely the way to go. Also, never go trick-or-treating in the rain with this costume on!



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