the size and shape of a werewolf

The size and shape of the werewolf will mostly depend on the human who is transforming. The size of the human will generally be the size that the werewolf will turn out to be. For example, a large person will generally be a large werewolf and a small person a small werewolf. This is true because of the fact that human bones cannot shape, grow and or shrink themselves THAT much in the amount of time it takes for the full transformation.  If you take this into account you will discover that a human in werewolf form will not be the “traditional” wolf that you may find in the wilderness, but something very different. Something human, but something animal. The werewolf will clearly be his “human” counterparts shape. There is nothing magical that happens here to shrink the animal or to make him grow, there is not magic dust to sprinkle, there are no potions that will “shrink him.” Please understand that this is the size only, of course there are some other features that set the werewolf aside from the human.



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  1. z999 says:

    werewolves grow about 20% the human size (in males) and about 10% (in females)

  2. wolfman2299 says:

    if there is nothing mystical about a werewolf then how does he transform and even if you say its a dissease or a virus the transformation would be made possible with protein, calcium, and almino acids to allow it to become at least two times bigger.

  3. Well, the when you put air cavities in wolves in comparison with the body mass they are bigger than ours so there is some of where the extra bigness comes from.

    Thanks for explaining that werewolf! and thanks for the comment!
    So I guess that takes care of 1#

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