The Vampire Demon

The vampire demon, sometimes referred to as vamp demon, is a half vampire half demon hybrid. This type of creature is generally considered extremely evil and dangerous. Pure demons are of non-human origin, and, some say are actually angels that have fallen out of grace and now serve the devil. Vampires on the other hand were once human creatures. When you meet a vamp demon, you are therefore meeting someone that is not close to being human, and has little empathy for humans or living creatures (the influence of the demon side), as well as little empathy for vampires themselves. This is what makes them so dangerous. In addition, the vampire demon has powers that go beyond those of the vampire…combine that with sunlight not being much of an issue for them, and their ability to live longer without blood, and you have a nearly unstoppable creature. Vamp demons are also extremely rare. Human portrayals of these creatures are that of an extremely evil being (see image below), but there is some thought that they can mask themselves as humans pretty easily, and don’t necessarily all look like the image pictured below…

The expression “bat out of hell” is a good reference to the vamp demon.
vamp demon mask



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124 Responses

  1. TrueDarkness says:

    i indeed admire and love the moon as well, she is always very beauty. night will always be more kin to me than day.

  2. TrueDarkness says:

    ah i did mean beautiful, where has my grammar gone? these headaches need to stop. feeding time.

  3. ITs A Dempire Or a Vampon

  4. Wolfinthemist says:

    And the moon comes alive with every blinking eye, comes the evil of the demon and the truth in your lie

  5. Vetsu says:

    I am very familiar with this hybrid. Being one myself and that I know others who are. They are quite a rare breed considering demons hardly venture from hell and vampires tend not to go there.

  6. We'reGoing2GetU says:

    Creatures come to drain your blood, it the night you hear a thud!
    The whispers “We’re going to get you!”, Growing closer through the night. Just when you think you lost the creatures, they give you such a fright. They cut out your heart and swallow it whole, the play pool with your eyes and mash up your intestines. But then comes a howling noise.
    They scatter and leave you upon the floor, dead, as they run out the door!

  7. kalin says:

    finaly a site that potrays my kind i do love toying with humans it is very intesting how they deal with certain situations me i just kill the people i have issues with
    humans on the other hand like tocompermise or talk things over i say kil or be killed or kill and talk later
    time to feed

  8. Gold says:

    Kind of drastic dont you think.

  9. lifetaker says:

    well interesting yes and now I wish I could meet one

  10. Drasknes Vokola'a says:

    Actually my kind, demons, venture away from hell a lot more than you think, for we make deals (which maybe worse than imagined).

  11. Tia says:

    Today at after school drama we done this little play and some of us pretend to be demons. But Letica( thinks she is a witch.) Was behind me pretened to be a demon. Her bit was to kept me down by holding my foot then climb up me then push me to ground. D: It felt really werid how she did it. 🙁 (In my head but she is mad at me and her friends thinks they are wolves so why i’m i letting her do this??? )When the teacher called us in so we can peform our play,Letica ran to her friends saying this is really fun. 😀 😀 :D. ( ONLY BECAUE SHE GETS TO PUSH ME DOWN COS SHE DISLIKES ME.) :/

  12. Gold says:

    For one she is probably not a witch and there’s a 1% chance that her firends a werewolves. So ya.

  13. Tia says:

    @Gold: Yer they could be jokeing/ playing a game. But I alreday tryed asking them if they was playing a game and they still say they are wolves. I even tould Elliot on thusday after school drama was finsh that I still don’t belive that wolves and stuff like that is real. He look right into my eyes saying, belive in what every you want to belive. And he’s girlfriend wasn’t even lughing or jokeing around when I said that. Then when we was about to leave the classroom Letica said something,i think it was something like this. ( Erick stills wants to talk to you.) Me and my friend look back in side and she was tieing her shoes lassy up, and the teaher was near her stuff. When my friend and me went at side, Elliot and he’s girlfriend was hugging and they wasn’t even joeking about what I ask Elliot when we was in the classroom. Nothing was on facebook about them jokeing around about what I ask Elliot at drama. The next day I was with my friends and Erick walk past and look at me then he went back to talking to he’s girlfriend. Then at 2nd brake Callam said that Elliot said hey to him. Not to complan if they was playing a game about being wolves and a witch wouldn’t they lugh at me or put something on facebook because I tould Elliot that I don’t belive it and that I still think they are playing a game??? If it was a game they would put something like this on facebook about me wouldn’t they?, eg: Ha Tia belive that we was actcly wolves and witch, she is really dumb. Really comfuess. lolz Hope they leave me alone now. 🙂 Anyways how you going?

  14. Gold says:

    I’m ok I’m just really stressed out Theyr cutting down the woods near my house 🙁 and they are not if you don’t seen then change into wolfs then don’t believe them and tell that other witch girl to use her powers. That solves your problems so ya good night I have a 3 hour long trip tomorrow so wish me luck

  15. Tia says:

    @Gold: Is them aloud to cut the woods,is it a nature pack or is it just woods near your house? Yer I tryed asking them to show me if they are wolves but they don’t truts me because i’m not in there group at school. They will only show there girlfriends and Letica was going to show me but i put something on facebook that made her really mad at me. I will ask them if I can hang with them at drama and see if they can trust me and show me that they are real wolves,witch. But it might take a long time for them to tust me. And what happens if they did show me that they are real wolves would youes belive me that seen it happen? And if it did happen um yer I would be freaking out. Lolz :)Hope you have fun.

  16. Gold says:

    I would beleave you if you said they were and yes they have the right to cut down “MY” woods so ya 🙁 and uhg so tierd but can’t sleep in this d*** car 🙁

  17. Gold says:

    I would beleave you if you said they were and yes they have the right to cut down “MY” woods so ya 🙁 . uhg so tierd but can’t sleep in this d*** car :(.

  18. Tia says:

    @Gold: That really sucks. 🙁 And thxs but idk if they will even let me hang with them at drama. I would be weid if they let me hang with them but it would be maybe 20% at of 100% they will let me hang with them. Because they are in the popaler group and my group is kinda random in a good way. 🙂

  19. victoria stoneberger says:

    @TrueDarkness: i like the response

  20. Koma Akashiya says:

    The reason that Demopyres are so rare is that they are ledgendary X-class monsters. (An X-class is a monster born of two different S-class super monsters, ie Vampire and Demon, and are only born once evry 1000 years.) Also, a Demopyre has unbelievable speed, and at full speed, can break the sound barrier. A Demopyre also has the ability to summon weapons from fire, while my favorite is a greatsword, Demopyres can summon any form of melee weapon.

  21. Jayde says:

    Shut the heck up about being demons, you’re just crazy…. I’m not here to say there’s no world beyond that of a humans but Demons, Vampires and Werewolves don’t sit around online and talk about their life stories, if youWERE hypothetically half vampire and half demon you probably wouldn’t even know the Internet because Demons come from a different world…

  22. Demons do come from hell and are not interested in doing a vampire, also demons can not have offspring. The only way a vampire demon could happen is if a vampire did an inccubus (a very RARE occurrence.) None of you are vampires.

  23. rose1968 says:

    @Gold: i dont believe it intill i see them for my self i live here in alabama and i have never seen any thing like that i even been to nc sc and dc and solt like city and new york and mississippi and atl and columbus ga and i never in my 44 years have ever seen any thing like that,

  24. rose1968 says:

    @kalin: then come and give me a try i bet you will never kill me lol, i am here in fort mitchell alabama come on i’am waiting,

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