the werewolf and its environment

Once the transformation of the werewolf is complete, the bone structure has changed, the body mass has adjusted, and many other vital changes have taken place, the werewolf is now different. One of the details often forgotten about is how the animal has a harder time adjusting the the condition of the environment he is now being exposed to. The werewolf is often severely and suddenly exposed to an environment he is not accustomed to and will have a minimal amount of time to do so. The type of changes although we may think are minimal, are to the werewolf extreme. The complete body mass and hair will present a very challenging transition period of several different symptoms. The symptoms may include, hot sweats, fever, extreme pain, and vomiting among other less appealing changes. The transition period for most human to werewolf subjects is often brief, but there will be times that it may seem longer than the complete transformation itself.

Please be aware that many of the symptoms the werewolf experiences can and will also be linked to the metamorphosis itself.



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11 Responses

  1. wolfycutie says:

    can you send me tips to know if your a werewolf

  2. wolfycutie says:

    i ment post some

  3. Shadowsmoke says:

    How would you do this?
    You still haven’t explained from my last post on this matter.
    I think shall post it again, and see if anyone can explain.

  4. Shadowsmoke says:

    strange… I can’t find it…
    oh well I’ll write it again.
    1. you would need a massive amount of energy to pull this off. Where would it all come from? you can’t just eat a lot before and during the shift, it takes a while to absorb food. Not to mention you would pass out from the pain.
    2. how would it work physically? your bones can’t change shape so dramatically in such a short amount of time.
    3. I had a third point, but werewolf967 already solved it.
    Really I would like to know these things, if I can understand the science it would be very helpful to me. I am currently working on a book about a Were made by science, (fictional of course) And would like to be able to explain things to the readers.

  5. Swiftpaw Fatfox says:


    You make good points. Yes the amount of energy needed would be extreme, which is probably why in myths a werewolf is ravenous after the transformation; and you are right about the pain. the issue of time is that it isn’t going to be short, it’s going to take a while. Even for my raptor friend, who’s only form are an anthro and a non-anthro forms, it takes him about 30 min. The amount of time to go from a human form to an animal would take much longer.

    Now keep in mind that these issues apply to physical transformations and not magical or illusionary transformations

  6. that guy says:

    shadowsmoke this is what usaully happens to me i will pass out from the pain and after im back to human form im usaully sick and i will stay home a few days and you cant remember anything so its hard to explain the only way i can is like you have just had the biggest adrenaline rush ever

  7. jo says:

    whoah! i think incredible thinking power is needed to solve this one.

  8. konno12moto says:

    so a person that has low energy would fail, and most likely hurt them selves right if they try?

  9. cosmos_wolfen says:

    i had my leg taken off by a werewolf

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