the werewolf in werewolf form

Werewolf readers,

There may be a misunderstanding when I speak of werewolves being “evil.” I do believe all werewolves are evil but you have to remember that werewolves are not in “werewolf” form all of the time. When I say that werewolves are evil I mean they are evil when they are in werewolf form, not human form; furthermore, please remember that there are different scopes of evil. Evil appears in many forms, for example, I may trip you in the hall or eat the last piece of pizza in the box just because I don’t want you to have it, this sort of action, although you may call “rude” I call “evil.” This is evil because it is an unnecessary “act” that would cause another person unnecessary “harm.” When werewolves are in werewolf form it is in their nature to cause others “harm” unintentionally, they need no justification for their acts, they do as they please without regard for others.



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6 Responses

  1. wolfman2299 says:

    now that you’ve justified your sense of evil i see your point.

  2. Ookami says:

    But still, we don’t harm when it’s not neccesary.

  3. Lathome says:

    So, why not just say, “they need no justification for their acts, they do as they please without regard for others,” in the first place? You’d get your point across a whole lot better. The word “evil” is too strong for what you say you are saying.

  4. A Real Werewolf says:

    for one thing i have only ever killed one person like i stated in an earlier post and that is because he shot me for no real reason and when i transform i look exactly like a wolf ok there is no way he shot me because i looked like a monster and paniced so i am not evil in any way when i am in my wolf form so find a weaker word than evil

  5. Evil is just a perception

  6. devilishlygrim says:

    well i see evil
    as “an immoarl act proposely done”

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