the werewolf is a survivor

Werewolves have survived centuries living in the shadows.  At varying times and in varying countries, they have been hunted, or persecuted, or blamed for other’s wrongs.  But despite the constant challenges, werewolves have persevered.  They have adapted.  They have survived.

Werewolves are intelligent, and creative, and perceptive.  They learn and they remember and they thrive on challenge.  They have learned how to overcome adversity.  This is how werewolves have survived through the centuries.

The werewolf is a survivor.  It doesn’t take much more than looking at how long they have been part of legends and history – despite how they have been viewed –   to realize this.  And these traits are at the essence of every human who is a werewolf…although often they do not realize it.



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8 Responses

  1. she wolf says:

    That’s why I always call myself a SURVIVOR!

  2. nightwolf says:

    ah ah ah ah staying alive staying alive

  3. JakeGhostLord says:

    I’m a surviver 😀

  4. WolfmansChild180 says:

    we survive because we are threatened by humans fear which causes them to kill on site.if we weren’t as threatened then who knows how long we would survive without their fear of us?

  5. Gabriel says:

    @WolfmansChild180: I’m going to shut you down. Human’s don’t kill us on site unless after a physical shift because we still look human. This is why you don’t find people hunting werewolves.

  6. dirty Al says:

    I know I’m human too but humans are violent race one of these days still seek their own demise and if there was a battle between good and evil at the end of time I’m not going to be in Nun of it rather sit on the sidelines and let them settle it the battle comes towards me I’ll fight with my last breath

  7. Humankkidd895 says:

    @dirty Al: I’m human as well. The only time I happen to be violent… When I’m defending myself. Other humans often fight for power and resources.

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