things every werewolf knows, but sometimes need to be reminded of

Here are 3 things to remember this morning:
1.  Polluted city air can cloud even the most well-adapted werewolf’s mind.  If you’re feeling a little clouded, find a way to get out of the city for a bit and enjoy some time outside away from the urban life.  Yes, werewolves can and do live in the city – but each one -whether consciously or not – sometimes needs the clarity that fresh air can bring…

2.  Not every werewolf is the same.  If you’re trying – and haven’t been able to – howl, shift, or focus…be patient.  Especially with newer werewolves, timelines can be generalized and averaged but they are not a hard and fast rule – remember, they are also unpredictable, and there are many werewolves that fall outside of the “typical” timeline on when things will happen….

3.  If you didn’t get out and see last night’s full moon (and it was a Blue Moon).  Get out tonight!! Although it’s not completely full, it’s power is still strong and will help refresh.



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28 Responses

  1. Titan says:

    Loved the blue moon! Already know this stuff but still pretty neat 🙂

  2. Nightmare says:

    Can some one please help me turn into werewolf
    I am begging anyone that can just help me because I’ve tried everything and I’ve been doing research for months and still cant find a working spell or theory i’ve tried two werewolf spells but I don’t think it worked I just need a answer for how to turn into a werewolf

  3. Gabriel says:

    @Nightmare: Look i’m sorry but there is no way outside of heredity. Keep searching is what I tell everyone else.

  4. Titan says:

    @Nightmare: Go to a wiccan spell website and look up a werewolf spell, try the spell at least every night for one week, not all werewolves can change but your a werewolf when you: 1. Act like an animal OR 2.Change into one

  5. Madd Dogg says:

    @Titan: ya know I once trolled a wiccan site ahhhhhhhh good times I trolled it so much they refreshed the site like three now I cant post any thing at all sigh* those where the days

  6. Madd Dogg says:

    times sould go between three and now fyi

  7. Gabriel says:

    @Titan: I hope your messing with him because you said “1. Act like an animal” which isn’t particularly true.

  8. she wolf says:

    Living in an urban life isn’t hard for me. I’m a city she wolf. So if you find yourself living in a city is a mess. Go and ask an advice from me. I’ll be happy to ask your questions. 🙂

  9. Gabriel says:

    @she wolf: why aren’t you on more? You seem to have quite a bit of information.

  10. Madd Dogg says:

    @she wolf: hey I haven’t heard form you in a while

  11. SlickRick says:

    @she wolf: how long have you been a werewolf, and may I ask were u born one or turned

  12. Gabriel says:

    @SlickRick: same answer to everyone. You can’t be turned, it’s hereditary, I assure you.

  13. Titan says:

    That rhymed!!! :O

  14. she wolf says:

    @Gabriel: That’s because my laptop suddenly shut down for no reason. So I spend those time busying myself but now my laptop is fixed. I can go back to my business now.
    @SlickRick: Not really, I just have this wolf spirit inside me. You can’t be turned into one. You have to be born one.

  15. JakeGhostLord says:

    Does anyone know how to prevent turning

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @JakeGhostLord: Yes. Don’t. Problem solved. If you don’t want to, you won’t. The human body is convenient that way.

  17. Wolfhunter nyc says:

    Okay… This is really freaking me out guess its time to come clean… I was on this site for quite a while reading through it trying to find various locations of were all you diffrent werewolves were at so my father could warn his other hunter members around the world and tell them were you all are… If you ever were walking on the street alone or in the woods alone and saw someone suspticou behind you are near youor heard something it was very most likely a hunter… Anyways i come from a long line family of werewolf hunters my family has been hunting for centurys personally i never knew i was a hunter i found out when i was 10 none of my family told me i just found out cause i overheard my parents talking and saw my dads weapons and i personally didnt see but i heard him kill a werewolf… I have been training for quite some time on how to hunt you guys im still getting taught by my father on how to hunt i have caughten 15 werewolves so far ive killed 5 and the rest i let go and wait for to right time wich is stupid i know my dad thinks i kill all of them but i dont im kinda soft at times but im workibg on it anyways my dad bought me a new bow and arrow and we went huntiing on halloween night it was a half moon not a full but most wolves tend to come out during halloween in ny so i saw one he came running at me there were two me and my dad split up and i went to hunt the other one chasing him i was ready to shoot my arrow when he doged the arrow and turn and ran at me i tried shooting another one but i missed and he bit me it really hurt i fell to the floor and he took off my dad then came back and had killed the wolf he is really good at hunting th
    So i wasnt suprised he was taught by his father who hunted who was taught by his father and so on and now i m taught by mine to hunt anyways my dad took me back home and i tried to put achohol on it or peroxide nothing happend at all i couldnt go to the doctor or tell my dad cause we follow our code one of the rules of our code is if you get bitten you must take your own life one of my dads hunting members got bitten while they were hunting got bit and took his life but i was reading @elderwolf777 he describrd all the charsteristicts of turning into a wolf and i had all those things i havent turned to a wolf yet i read some people take time to turn but i dont know what to do im a hunter and im going to be a wolf how will i do both i cant tell my dad someone please help this is real also i have no one else to turn to btw these were the. Physical traits of a wolf elderwolf posted wich i have all of someone help PHYSICAL
    1 thick rapidly growing hair and nails
    2 superhuman senses and rapid healing
    3 abnormal temperature (not like in twilight)
    4 (not a definitive trait but common) slender limbs and large body
    5 very agile and powerful lots of stamina
    6 (very very common) misty colored irises and low set ears
    7 strong teeth with sharp canines, teeth appear to have a yellow tinge
    1 feared yet loved and respected by dogs
    2 doesn’t like small spaces
    3 climbs alot
    4 growls sat a low tone when angered or very bored
    5 loves to run
    6 howls instead of whistles sometimes (not in public)
    7 bites nails when hungry or bored

  18. Someone that needs help says:

    I need help. I didn’t even know there were wolves or whatever you call them in Michigan! So here’s the story, I was taking a hike in my woods on a full moon with my best friend Lexxie. We decided to camp there for fun so we went back home and got out a tent and set it up by our creek. When we were done we went out to finish our hike then we would make a fire then go to bed. On the hike we picked up dry twigs to help start the fire when we got back we put the twigs in a pile and I lite my lighter and I heard howling. I looked up curious then looked back down thinking it was just a baying coyote. I set the fire and we got out marshmallows and started roasting them. Then I heard growling but ignored it that time. Then we went in our tent and we fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt breathing on my face. I opened my eyes and say a stranger figure it was dark but I couldn’t see it entirely then it bit me just missing my collar bone. I screamed and we rushed to my house and my parents saw me and had me press a towel on it and they took me to the emergency room. But that was in June, my best friend is back in New York and I am a vegetarian I have been since 2nd grade I am in 7th now. I am light headed and hungry all the time, I am the star of the cross country team, and I have to shave twice a day! It’s gross! Tell me if you think I’m becoming a werewolf, I’m probably just going crazy!

  19. suzet says:

    @Wolfhunter nyc: IM OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Madd Dogg says:

    @suzet: I can help stay in one spot though

  21. suzet says:


  22. suzet says:


  23. Madd Dogg says:

    @suzet: well for one go to chat its under where wolf games and then ask your questions and I can tell you who to look for ok do you under stand and
    F-Y-I I am 15

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